Annual Review Date Report API

Our Annual Review Date Report API is part of the Registered Agent Collection. This API allows agents to lodge a RA61 requesting ASIC to electronically dispatch a report, within a specific date range, that lists the review dates of all companies that they represent.

Annual Review Date Report API

General Overview

The report issued by ASIC in response to a correctly lodged RA61 is called a RA62. The RA62 is an important means of overseeing the companies represented by the lodging agent as it provides an exact record of their review dates.

Our team have developed this API to be a component of what could be your custom company administration ecosystem. Our APIs are designed to blend unparalleled levels of smart automation with your platform. Our proposed automation can, with your direction, add substantial efficiency and ease of use in place of tiresome, repetitive manual tasks. We welcome you to review our plans and to contact our team to discuss which APIs within our range will meet your current and future needs as your business grows.

To use this API, you need to be an ASIC registered agent, have an active subscription with us and complete the onboarding procedure outlined in your dashboard area.

Integration Partners
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)


Cost on Standard Plan
$25.00 per 100 lodged forms

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