Registered Agent Cessation API

Our Registered Agent Cessation API is part of the Registered Agent Collection. This API allows for integration on any type of website or application using virtually any kind of programming language and environment.

Registered Agent Cessation API

General Overview

This API is used to submit lodgements of ASIC form 361 - Notification of a registered agent ceasing to act for a company (or companies).

We have developed this API to be a part of what could be your custom-built business startup or company management ecosystem. Our APIs are designed to bring unprecedented levels of intelligent automation to your platform that introduces seamless functionality where tedious, repetitive manual tasks were once the rule. We welcome you to check out our plans and to contact our team to discuss which of our API range will meet your current and future needs as your business expands.

To use this API, you need to be an ASIC registered agent, have an active subscription with us and complete the onboarding procedure outlined in your dashboard area.

Integration Partners
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)


Cost on Standard Plan
$25.00 per 100 lodged forms

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