Company Name Reservation API

Our Company Name Reservation API is part of the Company Collection. This API enables lodgement of ASIC form 410. Form 410 handles name reservations for new companies or, name changes for existing companies and two month extensions on existing reservations.

Company Name Reservation API

General Overview

ASIC form 410 allows company names to be reserved for Australian proprietary limited companies or public companies limited by guarantee. Reservations for foreign companies and registered Australian bodies must be lodged as paper documents.

Reserving a company name prevents anyone else registering a company of that name for a period of two months. This is particularly helpful when there is some uncertainty either about the launch date of the business or the preferred name of the company. If a decision is not reached within two months, then another two month extension can be obtained. We have put as much care and attention into this API as our more frequently used APIs which means it is robust and can be easily integrated in any type of product using any programming language and any environment. If you would like to add this API to your existing or pending ecosystem, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

To use this API, you need to be an ASIC registered agent, have an active subscription with us and complete the onboarding procedure outlined in your dashboard area.

Integration Partners
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)


Cost on Standard Plan
$50.00 per lodgement (documents included)

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